Our story

We created Novel Clinic since we desire to dedicate ourselves to the goal of helping people live longer and healthier lives. This means knowing how to maintain one’s health at different stages of life and prevent the development of chronic diseases. On this journey we can help you in the best possible way – our doctors and specialists are familiar with the latest treatment options, we have modern cutting-edge technology and fast diagnostic tools, we actively work together with the patient, and, of course, we have a support system based on the needs of the patients, which makes maintaining health and ensuring recovery as comfortable as possible.

Our goal to approach health maintenance and healing in a new way is also expressed in our name and logo. The oval shapes in our logo represent the human life cycle, a comprehensive approach to healing and maintaining health, continuous interaction between different fields of medicine, specialists, and the patient.


Novel Clinic’s vision is to reduce our clients’ preventable diseases by half by 2027.

Novel Clinic’s mission is to maintain people’s health and good sleep through human-centred and preventive medical services.


78,8 the average life expectancy of a person in Estonia
55,9 healthy years lived

„How well we sleep at night depends on how we live during the day. How we take care of our mental health, how we eat, how we move, and whether the development and condition of the upper respiratory system contribute to our well-being or need surgical correction. We will deal with all these issues comprehensively in the new clinic.“

Sten Argos, CEO